Home Interior Decorating 6 Tips on How to Decorate Your Home

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These 6 tips can change, transform any living space.

Some homes (houses, flats) look like they were transferred out of the pages of a magazine for interior decoration. Rooms should be nicely decorated with colors, design and proportions and layout. Can your home become as pretty as the picture of a magazine?

These 6 tips will help you create the home of your dreams. Decorate the rooms in a way that they look more spacious with a more cohesive design. Use the light to improve the atmosphere or mood. Read and enjoy applying these tips on interior decoration of your home.

  1. Carefully choose the color palette. When choosing a color for the background of the floors, walls, window frames and large pieces of furniture – think carefully. In other words, choose colors that will not come “out of fashion” for a couple of years and the ones that you will not get bored of. Think about the colors, neutral and earth tones are safe and can be mixed with bright and subdued colors. The tones like white, beige, and gold, brown, yellowish-brown are always popular. Changing the big things (floors, sofas, couches, walls and windows) is quite an expensive adventure, so you should choose colors that will remain in trend for a few years.
  2. Layering will give the room warmth. If the room is cold, adding layers can increase the heat. E.g. add a carpet (carpet) and accessories that have texture. Your room will immediately become warmer. You can also use a nice arrangement or colorful coasters on the table.
  3. Light (lamps, chandeliers) should be placed to form a triangle, so keep this in mind when you set the lighting. Also remember thata lighting lamp produces more heat than a chandelier. Shadow lamps that are slightly tan and are a great way to add mood and sophistication.
  4. Move the sofa directly to the wall. Sofas should have an attractive background and it looks so sophisticated when the coffee table is located next to the couch. Experiment in your home, move the couches and sofas to create a decorated look. You can set them so that they are parallel to one another. Place the carpet under the sofa to define the space.
  5. Collections (plates, books, figurines) should beplaced together or in the same place. If you collect dolls or books, find their special place in the apartment. They will attract attention and will look more artistically interesting if they are placed together rather than separated and rearranged all over your home. E.g. If you have bookshelves around the fireplace, it would be a good place for a specialized collection of statues or attractive dolls.
  6. Place an element of surprise. The room given a life when a positive decision is made. If the room is decorated in a modern style, highlight them withan antique. Place alarge animal statueunder the piano to add an element of surprise.

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