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Despite bathrooms being the space where you prepare for what’s ahead or relax after a busy day, when designing a home, they are often allocated a small amount of space. This results in many homeowners finding that their storage options appear limited. However, just because you don’t have a lot of space, doesn’t mean you can’t have a lot of storage.

Start With Your Mirror

One of the biggest causes of clutter in your bathroom is the number of products you use daily. If you enjoy regular visits to your hairdresser, botox studio, or manicurist, there are likely to be many creams and lotions that you use in between appointments. Start by replacing your current mirror with one that includes storage and use the space to store your items that you will use every day.

Keep Your Towels on Hand

One of the biggest frustrations in the bathroom is getting out of the shower to a towel that hasn’t dried thoroughly. Unfortunately, due to limited storage space and the bulk of a towel, getting a fresh one requires a cold run to the linen closet. Instead, a freestanding shelf which sits over your toilet is an ideal way to provide a space for your towels and keep them where you need them.

Utilize Your Door

A hanging set of shelves placed on the rear of your bathroom door is an excellent way to add storage space instantly. This space, however, is best prioritized for larger items such as your straightener or hair dryer. Once you have the larger items sorted, use the remaining shelves for items which only see occasional use. When choosing a hanging shelving unit, it is important that you aren’t tempted by cheaper versions as low-cost alternatives can begin to sag and lose their shape.

With these three easy to adapt ideas, you can significantly increase the storage space in your bathroom. If you are still in need of storage, take photos of your bathroom to a home furnishing store and ask for advice on other methods you can use to increase your storage space.

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