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Most people hang curtains in their rooms to stop light from coming in during the night, and to keep prying eyes out. However, during the day, people prefer to leave their curtains open yet still have enough privacy. So how is this achieved? Simply by putting up blinds in your home. This is very easy to do and you only need a few tools and the following seven steps to complete the project.

The Tools

You will need:

  • A drill
  • A tape measure
  • A spirit level
  • A pencil
  • Your blinds (with instructions)

Seven Steps to Install Your Blinds

  1. Where do you want your blinds? You can hang them inside or outside of your window frame. Most people choose inside the frame, because this enables you to also attach curtains for that extra warmth and privacy at night.
  2. Take measurements. You have to do this properly and it is best to speak to your blinds provider about which measurements they need and how you should take them. You will usually have to measure the top, bottom and middle width of your window, as well as the left, right and center length. This is because most windows are not perfectly square. Always take your measurements in millimeters.
  3. When you purchase your blinds, they will generally come with brackets. If you want your blinds inside your windows, then the brackets should be installed in the two top corners of your window. Make sure that the opening of the bracket faces out. If you want them on the outside, you will need to place them according to your measurements. For blinds that are more than 4 foot wide, you may want to consider installing a center bracket as well.
  4. If your blinds came with a valance, they need to be fitted to the head rail. Special valance clips should be included for this. Make sure you put those in place before you actually clip the blind into the brackets. Once that is done, you can put your blinds’ headrail inside the brackets. Make sure the cord faces you.
  5. Close the doors of the brackets to lock them in place.
  6. Attach the tilt wand if that wasn’t done for you already. Your instructions should show exactly how to do this, as it depends on each manufacturer.
  7. Clip your valance on.

A Few Small Tips

As you can see, installing blinds is very easy. There are a number of important tips that you may want to keep in mind however. For instance:

  • Before you start screwing your brackets into place, you need to make sure that the line between the two brackets, which is basically where your blinds are going to hang, is completely level. The smallest angle will be highly noticeable once you hang your blinds.
  • Always read the instructions. There are often subtle variations between each blind manufacturer, so don’t think you can automatically do it because you have done it before.

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