Home Home Renovating a House That Stands the Test of Time

There’s nothing much more exciting than buying a new house. Whether it’s a first home or your fifth, I love the feeling of stepping into a new house just after closing, knowing that this sucker is mine. Unless your home is freshly constructed, you’ll be dealing with a house that has been lived in before. It’ll have issues and necessary renovations, just like all houses. In the beginning, it’s easy to get caught up in simply occupying this new place: buying furniture, repainting, decorating, unpacking. But it’s easy to let these surface changes cause you forget about some of the deeper renovations that might need to be done to make the house truly safe and secure, for the long haul. Here are the things that get my attention when I buy a new home, so that I know the house that I love is a house that is going to last.

1)    Systems. By hiring a home inspection All Star, you’ll be getting someone with unique insights about how houses should be, your new home among them. This perspective will shed light on the health and longevity of the various systems in your home: electrical, plumbing. These are important systems, but they’re easy to overlook. After all, they’re about 99% hidden behind walls. And as long as the water turns on and the lights work, you would be forgiven for thinking that this is all there is having a safe and secure house. Well, that’s not always the case. Electrical systems are especially prone to failure or safety hazard, especially if you live in a house that’s more than a couple of decades old. Home electrical code is changing all the time, so it won’t hurt to hire an electrician just to give you home the once-over. This way they can find any potential dangers and correct them. In the best of cases, your home electrical system will be given a clean bill of health. The same holds true for plumbing systems. Basically, you’ll sleep a lot better at night for the entire time you live in your house, if you’re sure that the basic systems are in perfect working order, for safety and convenience.

2)    Infestations. The other thing that can go unnoticed in a new house are things like bug infestations and mold. Believe me, you want neither. That’s why I always choose to get a home inspected for these, even before I buy it. In many cases, if either exist, you can get the current owner to clear them up on your behalf before you even buy the house. But if you wait, you’ll be stuck with the problem and the bill. So get this checked out long before you buy a home. You’ll be glad you did.

3)    Roof. Some roofs are good, some aren’t. If you need a roof replaced, you want to leave that cost to the previous owner. So get this inspected closely by someone who knows. It can be a major expense, and you want the old owner to pay for it, especially since they’re the ones that lived out all the good years of the roof anyway.

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