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You have invested a lot of money in getting a swimming pool in your own backyard. You have had countless hours of fun in the pool with friends and family. If you have children, they too have had unlimited fun in the pool with their friends. Your swimming pool has been the Center of so much fun. You use the pool for swimming leisurely laps or just for relaxing in it while sipping a pina colada. What more could you possibly ask for from a pool, you think?

This is where pool swim jet systems come into the picture. Swim jets can transform your pool into a lap pool, or “swim spa”, so you never have to check into a hotel or go to the YMCA to enjoy the benefits of a full lap pool session of vigorous aquatic exercise!


There are so many water treadmill systems in the market that it could be difficult to pick and choose the best one for you. However, there are many reasons that make Badu Jet the perfect one for you, no matter what your requirements may be, what your budget may be, or what the size of your pool may be.

Here are the top 10 reasons why it would be both smart and affordable to choose a Badu Jet Swim Jet for your swimming pool:

  1. Badu Jets come with top quality German engineering, making them last for life, and not just a season.
  2. Badu Jets are manufactured by Speck. Approximately 95% of American swim jet systems are Speck’s. They are the world leader in the water treadmill category.
  3. Badu Jets have an easy and effortless DIY installation system, saving you from paying out of your pocket for a contractor installation.
  4. Badu Jet swim jet systems come with the best warranty in the industry- two years, as opposed to the standard one year.

Get Badu Jet Swim Jets For Your Pool

  1. Badu Jet swim jet systems are about $20k cheaper than their closest competitor, the Endless Pools. At under $4000, you can install the Badu Jet Inspiration yourself today!
  2. Badu jet creates a current of 5000 GPM, which creates a resistance that is equivalent to a jog or a walk.
  3. Badu jet swim jets have a massage hose that provides a refreshing and pulsating massage which is most beneficial at the end of your swimming workout to ease any sore or tired muscles.
  4. Badu Jet sets you up to have unlimited long distance swimming.
  5. Badu Jet gives you the experience of a treadmill in the water, ensuring hours of effortless aerobic activity through enjoyable aquatic exercise.
  6. Optional accessories like the Badu swim mirror helps keep you centered in the lane while the winter cover kit protects the system from any harsh weather elements.

The Badu Jet swim jet systems comes in different variants that can suit any budget. Choose this for years of fun and exercise at an affordable price!

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