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Choosing a living room carpet is usually a difficult task that requires a lot of attention. We often make mistakes, especially in the choice of colors, which then cost us a lot of effort, difficult maintenance and carpet washing and a bunch of problems.

So, the next time you have to choose flooring for the living room, just stop for a moment and think about it. You will see that the best solution often goes unnoticed. So, let’s see which are the most common mistakes when choosing a living room carpet.

Run away from the white color

Learn from the valuable and very tedious experience of those who have been wrong before you. Yes, white originally looks good, even very well, emits snowy purity and hygiene, and is also a neutral color that easily combines with other colors, visit http:/www.drcarpet.ca/ to know more about carpet patching company toronto.

Soon, however, the same happens with the fluffy snow cover when cars and passers-by run it over a few days after the snowfall. Then you would never have chosen that color.

Indeed, white color is difficult to maintain, and even if you do not allow anyone to come in with shoes, it will happen sometimes, and then the likelihood of making it dirty is very huge. But it’s not just shoes. You will also get it dirty when walking barefoot.

And the slippers you use on the terrace too. In general, white is not a good color for a carpet.

Red is too strong

Red is a strong and aggressive color. It relates to life, but also to the excitement it causes. It also attracts unnecessary attention to itself. You do not want everyone to remember the room as the place with the red carpet, where nothing else is noticed, right?

How to Choose a Carpet Properly

Remember that the carpet should be just a background. An intimate element of the entire interior of your homes. It should not be an emphasis that everyone should notice, but on the contrary, play an overall unifying role. Some people claim that some carpets are beautiful, but it is a trap.

You do not need a beautiful carpet. You need a rug that is less noticeable and does not irritate the eye. Leave the beauty on other pieces of furniture.

Choose more neutral colors. They do not have to be monochrome, but choose products with unobtrusive patterns that harmonize. It is desirable that the colors are darker. From the brighter choose colors like beige, gray and so on.

It is always good to bet on neutral colors (white is neutral, but dirty, as we have already mentioned). Appropriate options, of course, depend on the other colors of your room. It is important for the rug to fit everything else.
Do not be afraid of brown and black. Experiment and you will be surprised.

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