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Nobody would ever want to live through the devastating and traumatizing experience that is having your property burning down, especially if it is due to something that could easily have been prevented. Property Managers and maintenance staff are, by default, extremely busy people and often do not have time to think about every little detail. However, when it comes to building safety it is crucial that maintenance inspections take place on a regular basis to ensure that the integrity of the fire safety system you are responsible for is 100% reliable, safe and operational in an emergency.

Regarding your fire sprinkler, a regular inspection should be carried out and it should be tested regularly. This allows property managers to know if there are any problems in advance before they escalate and become expensive to repair before the main, annual inspection.

A quarterly inspection should include checking of the water pressure, checking the gauges for damage and accuracy, verifying the sprinkler heads for damage and paint, and checking the pipe heads to ensure that they are supporting the pipes and are not damaged. It is also wise to ensure that the fire sprinkler is connected to the Fire Department for visibility.

Fire Sprinkler Inspection

The annual test is by far the most important test and should never be skipped. This inspection requires access to interior units and involves checking the main drain to determine that there are no obstructions, checking the sprinkler heads for damage and paint, operating the control valves to insure they work correctly, verifying the pipe hangers to ensure that they are supporting pipes and not damaged and ensuring Fire Department Connection for visibility. It is also essential to inspect the Test Control Valve Tampers to make sure that they are they sending a signal to the control panel. During this inspection, always ensure that you check the Test Water Flow Switch to insure it sounds the Alarm Bells.

Failure to conduct regular fire sprinkler inspections could have dire consequences for you and your company as an overheated fire pump could catch fire or water build-up in the packing glands in a pump could cause thousands of dollars worth of damage that you could easily prevent!

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